Gold Experiment Results

Just over 1 hour into the experiment

Just over 1 hour into the experiment

A week latter, 1 hour 6 minutes played since starting the experiment, 27 gold made.  It started out just buying enchanting mats, but after a few trips Zahana Jr. bought recipes that the enchanting supplier in Orgrimmar.   The how was pretty simple.  Buy from the enchanting supplier, and sell them for less than anyone else on the auction house.  Using auctioneer Zahana Jr. would use the appraiser function of the addon to do a price check and scope out any potential competition.  Then he would select the post screen, and list the items to undercut the competion by 5% buyout, and the minimum did would be greater than or equally to the items purchase price.   Server price fluctuation may cause results to very, but 27g an hour profit isn’t bad, and can be done by any starting toon.  All it takes is 8 silver to start.  What to do with the gold?  It has been sent to the leader of a guild on that server that I send Zahana to for advice from time to time and Zahana Jr. has been deleted.


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Gold Experiment

Day One

The Noobishone is convinced that there is good gold to be made buying low level enchanting mats from enchanting trainers and selling them on the auction house. I say it’s good for starting out, but there are better things to sell. However with him bringing in (and then wasting like a noob) around 5k a week, it’s hard to keep track of the 30-40 silver profit from selling Strange Dust and Lesser Magic Essence. So the experiment, create a noob on a new server for the express purpose of selling them.

Meet Zahana Jr.  He’s a level 7 Troll on a PvP server.  After buying his first Magic Dust he has 2 silver 97 copper to his name.  I’ll be checking in on his gold making progess from time to time and update him on a weekley basis.

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Professions (Part Deux)

Last time I talked about professions, I told you about what the gathering professions gave your hunter. Now lets get to the crafting ones. Remember, this is not about how your hunter can make money but the extra bonus’s they get.

Alchemy – Alchemist make potions, flask, and elixers. That’s the big thing here, but for the most part these can be purchased on the auction house. Sure they can make better ones that only they can use and get some extra use out of them, but it’s not really going to pay off in increased damage. Mighty Alchemist’s Stone is a nice trinket that can be made, but it’s not a top end item. To get the best bang out of your hunter’s gun, alchemy is not recommended.

Blacksmithing – Blacksmiths make weapons and armor. The problem here is that none of them items are exclusive to the profession and few of the items are of any real use to a hunter. The pay off here is socketing. They can add additional sockets to their gloves and bracers, allowing your hunter to put some additional gems. This better for Survival hunters than it is for Marksmen or Beast Master hunters. The reason. If you have your hunter put 2 Bright Scarlet Rubies he or she will have an extra 64 attack power. Pretty sweet right? The thing is the extra 64 attack power can also be picked up through Enchanting, Inscription, and Leatherworking. Survival hunters prefer Delicate Scarlet Rubies for an extra 32 agility. Blacksmithing is recommended for Survival specced hunters, and a toss up with Beast Master and Marksmen hunters.

Enchanting – Enchanters cast spells to enhance items. The cool thing enchanters get is an additional 32 attack power to rings. It gives a total of 64 additional attack power, but as I mentioned earlier, this can also be gained by several other professions. My recommendation is that it is part of 4 way tie for all classes for BM and MM, and slightly behind Blacksmithing for SV.

Engineering – Engineers make so pretty weird things. There’s alot of unique things that can be created but not alot of them have good combat use but to be perfectly honest, none of them are really worth the effort of making. All the useful items can be purchased from Engineers. While it may save your hunter some gold, the savings is not worth the dps they are missing out on from having one of the other professions, so I cannot recommend this profession for hunters.

Leatherworking – Leatherworkers can leather and mail armor, a couple of cloaks, and some armor patches. The only advantage to choosing is Fur Linings that give 114 attack power. Since you can get a 50 attack power enchant on your bracers from an enchanter, it’s really only a 64 attack power bonus, same as the others that I spoke of with blacksmithing. So as with enchanting not as good as blacksmithing for SV hunters, but on par with the others for BM and MM.

Tailoring – Tailors make cloth items. Maybe for mages, but there is nothing good here for hunters. Seriously this may be the worst option for hunters.

Jewelcrafting – Jewelcrafters cut gems to put in sockets and make some interesting trinkets. While there is some decent items here, nothing to write home about. The payoff here is prismatic gems. Only jewel crafters can use them and they are better than what they can normally get. Let’s look into attack power gems. Bright Dragon’s Eye gives 54 attack power while, a Bright Scarlet Ruby gives 32. That’s a 22 attack power advantage times 3 means a bonus 66 attack power. It might be slight but that is a 2 attack power bonus for jewelcrafters. In addition to that, you can put them in any slot you want. So that blue socket that gives you +8 attack power can be gained without having to use a less than desirable blue, purple, or green gem. So in reality it’s gives 2 attack power and 3 socket bonus’s that you wouldn’t get from using the Bright Scarlet Ruby. For survival hunter’s using Delicate Dragon’s Eye it will give a total of 33 more agility than using Delicate Scarlet Ruby. If you haven’t figured it out by now, Jewelcrafting is recommended for all hunters.

Inscription – Scribes make glyphs. Nothing special there, they can be bought on the auction house. Master’s Inscription of the Axe gives you 104 attack power and 15 critical strike rating. This gives, you guessed it, 64 more attack power than Greater Inscription of the Axe, with the minor bonus that you can get it without being exalted with the Sons of Hodir. It’s tied with Enchanting, Leatherworking, and Blacksmith (BM&MM only)

So to review.

Best – Jewelcrafting
2nd best for Survival hunters only – Blacksmith
2nd best for Beast Master and Marksmen – Enchanting, Leatherworking, and Blacksmith (personal preference)
If a gathering profession must be taken, in order, Skinning, Mining, Herbalism
Not recommended and less desirable than gathering professions, Alchemy and Engineering
Not recommended ever, ever, ever, Tailoring

A word about making gold with professions. There are better ways to make gold than with your professions. I’m just a cat, I’m not the expert here. You know who is? Goblins. But don’t ask Zahana, because when it comes to making money, my hunter is a noob.

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Professions (part 1)

There are 3 things professions do for you in the World of Warcraft

1) get you new things
2) give you some sort of bonus
3) get you money

Now the first thing was supposedly pretty cool. An engineer got to make a rolfcoptor, leather-workers had drums, blacksmith got some sweet sword or whatever. Now that people have left the Outlands and made their way to Northrend they have found any special recipes that really only they can use. Everyone can have a chopper, drums from the outlands can stand up to the harsh winter climate, and they yet to find a sword so intricate that you have to be able to manipulate metal to know how to use it. Until they find a new thing that you can make and only you can use, there is no one profession that is better than another.

Now giving you some sort of bonus, personally it’s the biggest factor when choosing a profession. Why? Like I said earlier, there’s really not any item that is paticularly useful that can’t be bought. What can’t be bought are the bonuses. Let’s start off looking at the gathering proffesions.

Herbalism- Flower pickers get a heal over time spell bonus called Lifeblood. The best flower pickers in the game can heal themselves for 2000 health over 5 seconds every 3 minutes. Now this seems nice and all, but in most situations where Zahana is at risk of peril, 2000 health over 5 seconds isn’t going to prevent him from dying. I don’t reccomend this profession for a hunter.

Mining- Spending a fair amount of time smashing rocks with a mining pick is tough work, giving a miner a natural Toughness. At 450 mining, that is an additional 50 stamina. Even with Zahana being a Survival hunter with his 10% stam bonus and 30% of stam becoming Attack Power, 50 stamina isn’t really that big of a deal. Mining is also not reccomened for a hunter.

Skinning- Removing a creatures skin from it’s body takes some skill and knowledge of said creatures’s anatomy. Being a Master of Anatomy that skinners become can add as much as 32 critical strike raiting. Looks good, but in reality that is less than a 1% critical strike chance. I’m not going to show you the back side of my paw if you take this, while the increased crit raiting is cool and all, the are other professions that you will get more dps from than this. While I don’t reccomend this, if your hunter abosolutely has to have a gathering profession, this is the best of the three.

That’s it for the gathering professions. Professions (Part Deux) will go over Alchemy, Engineering, Blacksmithing, Enchanting, Inscription, Leatherworking, and Jewelcrafting. The noob will be raiding tonight, so it’ll probably be a few days.

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Mammoths Can’t Fly Noob!

Mammoths Can't Fly Noob

Mammoths Can't Fly Noob

The Noobish One goes to Vault of Archavon and the Grand Black War Mammoth drops. Knowing that a trip to Obsidan Sanctum 25s does he save the roll for a shot at Fury of the Five Flights? In two rolls he wasted the 98 on the mount and rolls the 1 on the trinket. Best In Slot Trinket > a free mount when you have 68 others. Noob!

And to top that off, when it’s decided that top two rolls take a dive to get Gonna Go When the Volcano Blows and Zahana rolls an 86 and the next hightest is a 37 does he take the dive? Do what is needed to get one step closer to a mount that actually matters? No the Noob gets hit by the last Flame Wave, gets hit by a Lava Strike, and for like the 20th week in a row, fails to make progress towards getting the Plagued Proto-Drake. You’d think he focus now that he’s only 5 acheivements away from it and the clock is ticking. But no, he is my hunter, and my hunter is a noob.

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Freakin Noob

2040 agilityThe noob breaks 2k agility, and takes a screenshot during an eight man attempt on Kel’Thuzad.  Barney died as a result.  Further proof that my hunter is a noob.

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The Purpose of Hunters

   Hunters have a purpose in this World of Warcraft. It’s to kill things. Wether it’s killing Shoveltusk for meat or horns or it’s slaying ones enemies in Alterac Valley or even defeating mighty dragons that is all a hunter is going to do. There are other classes that can heal or be a living shield or even switch around what they do. Hunters don’t have that option.

   Hunters are trained to effectively make use of bows, guns, and crossbows. Sure a hunter can do damage with a sword or an axe or even a big stick, but not as effectively as it arrows and bullets. When training this one of the first things to address.

   How do we ensure that this happens? Well when we aren’t working with others that is the job of me and the rest of the Myhunterisanoob stable. We get in the targets face and growl, claw, bite, smack it the keep it focused on us. Zahana sits back and pew pews healing me when needed. Succes is measured by killing the target.


   When we’re working in a group, there is a different standard for success. Priority #1 is staying alive. The dead can’t pew pew. As long you don’t get any special instrutions priority #2 is bringing mass quantities of sustained ranged dps. DPS is short for damage per second. Now if you get special instruction such as say kiting Gluth, DPS takes a back seat. Now Zahana isn’t always asked to kite zombies on Gluth, as a matter of fact he’s only been asked to do it once. However, he’s had to do it on a number off occasions because people forgot that the most important part of kiting is staying alive. Being able to step up to help pick up slack is part of what makes a hunter not a Noob. On some occasions you’re hunter will be asked to misdirect to help make sure the meatshield is keeping the target focused on the shield and not you or your hunter, but that’s easy enough to do that it shouldn’t take away from dps.

   I’m sure this won’t be the last time I talk about what Zahana is supposed to be doing, and knowing him I’ll be pointing out what he is doing wrong. Like repeatedly dying in Lava Waves on Sartharion. Why?  Because my hunter is a noob.

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