Patch 3.1 Notes

Patches are when the world changes. There’s new things to kill, new places to do it, new abilities and new ways to do old ones, new phat loot to be made and to take from our fallen enemies. Today news became available of what may happen.

And that is all that I’m going to say about it. Something will go wrong with somewhere, things will be added and removed, up will be down, Alliance will become Horde. Ok maybe not the last one. What I’m saying is my hunter is getting all worked up about the unknown and I gotta put my paw down and keep him focused on the here and now.  

Current patch notes can be found at  This is the last you will here me discuss the subject until I drag the Noobish One over to the patch test realm.  It’s not even worthy of some sort of visiual aid.


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