The Purpose of Hunters

   Hunters have a purpose in this World of Warcraft. It’s to kill things. Wether it’s killing Shoveltusk for meat or horns or it’s slaying ones enemies in Alterac Valley or even defeating mighty dragons that is all a hunter is going to do. There are other classes that can heal or be a living shield or even switch around what they do. Hunters don’t have that option.

   Hunters are trained to effectively make use of bows, guns, and crossbows. Sure a hunter can do damage with a sword or an axe or even a big stick, but not as effectively as it arrows and bullets. When training this one of the first things to address.

   How do we ensure that this happens? Well when we aren’t working with others that is the job of me and the rest of the Myhunterisanoob stable. We get in the targets face and growl, claw, bite, smack it the keep it focused on us. Zahana sits back and pew pews healing me when needed. Succes is measured by killing the target.


   When we’re working in a group, there is a different standard for success. Priority #1 is staying alive. The dead can’t pew pew. As long you don’t get any special instrutions priority #2 is bringing mass quantities of sustained ranged dps. DPS is short for damage per second. Now if you get special instruction such as say kiting Gluth, DPS takes a back seat. Now Zahana isn’t always asked to kite zombies on Gluth, as a matter of fact he’s only been asked to do it once. However, he’s had to do it on a number off occasions because people forgot that the most important part of kiting is staying alive. Being able to step up to help pick up slack is part of what makes a hunter not a Noob. On some occasions you’re hunter will be asked to misdirect to help make sure the meatshield is keeping the target focused on the shield and not you or your hunter, but that’s easy enough to do that it shouldn’t take away from dps.

   I’m sure this won’t be the last time I talk about what Zahana is supposed to be doing, and knowing him I’ll be pointing out what he is doing wrong. Like repeatedly dying in Lava Waves on Sartharion. Why?  Because my hunter is a noob.


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  1. Terrific advice Thanks.

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