Mammoths Can’t Fly Noob!

Mammoths Can't Fly Noob

Mammoths Can't Fly Noob

The Noobish One goes to Vault of Archavon and the Grand Black War Mammoth drops. Knowing that a trip to Obsidan Sanctum 25s does he save the roll for a shot at Fury of the Five Flights? In two rolls he wasted the 98 on the mount and rolls the 1 on the trinket. Best In Slot Trinket > a free mount when you have 68 others. Noob!

And to top that off, when it’s decided that top two rolls take a dive to get Gonna Go When the Volcano Blows and Zahana rolls an 86 and the next hightest is a 37 does he take the dive? Do what is needed to get one step closer to a mount that actually matters? No the Noob gets hit by the last Flame Wave, gets hit by a Lava Strike, and for like the 20th week in a row, fails to make progress towards getting the Plagued Proto-Drake. You’d think he focus now that he’s only 5 acheivements away from it and the clock is ticking. But no, he is my hunter, and my hunter is a noob.



  1. Agra said

    At least some time back it was possible to get that achievement by dying on the first seconds of the fight… that way you couldn’t get hit by lava strikes. X-D

    I don’t know whether this is fixed already. But yeah, sort of takes the achievement out of the achievement that way.

  2. Agra said

    Yeah, as it turns out, I completely misread your post and realized on the second try that you already knew that.


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