Professions (part 1)

There are 3 things professions do for you in the World of Warcraft

1) get you new things
2) give you some sort of bonus
3) get you money

Now the first thing was supposedly pretty cool. An engineer got to make a rolfcoptor, leather-workers had drums, blacksmith got some sweet sword or whatever. Now that people have left the Outlands and made their way to Northrend they have found any special recipes that really only they can use. Everyone can have a chopper, drums from the outlands can stand up to the harsh winter climate, and they yet to find a sword so intricate that you have to be able to manipulate metal to know how to use it. Until they find a new thing that you can make and only you can use, there is no one profession that is better than another.

Now giving you some sort of bonus, personally it’s the biggest factor when choosing a profession. Why? Like I said earlier, there’s really not any item that is paticularly useful that can’t be bought. What can’t be bought are the bonuses. Let’s start off looking at the gathering proffesions.

Herbalism- Flower pickers get a heal over time spell bonus called Lifeblood. The best flower pickers in the game can heal themselves for 2000 health over 5 seconds every 3 minutes. Now this seems nice and all, but in most situations where Zahana is at risk of peril, 2000 health over 5 seconds isn’t going to prevent him from dying. I don’t reccomend this profession for a hunter.

Mining- Spending a fair amount of time smashing rocks with a mining pick is tough work, giving a miner a natural Toughness. At 450 mining, that is an additional 50 stamina. Even with Zahana being a Survival hunter with his 10% stam bonus and 30% of stam becoming Attack Power, 50 stamina isn’t really that big of a deal. Mining is also not reccomened for a hunter.

Skinning- Removing a creatures skin from it’s body takes some skill and knowledge of said creatures’s anatomy. Being a Master of Anatomy that skinners become can add as much as 32 critical strike raiting. Looks good, but in reality that is less than a 1% critical strike chance. I’m not going to show you the back side of my paw if you take this, while the increased crit raiting is cool and all, the are other professions that you will get more dps from than this. While I don’t reccomend this, if your hunter abosolutely has to have a gathering profession, this is the best of the three.

That’s it for the gathering professions. Professions (Part Deux) will go over Alchemy, Engineering, Blacksmithing, Enchanting, Inscription, Leatherworking, and Jewelcrafting. The noob will be raiding tonight, so it’ll probably be a few days.


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